Thinkhost Review & Coupon

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 12:12
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Thinkhost runs all its servers using 100% renewable energy (solar & wind systems). It is a “Green” hosting company that offers a unique 100% uptime to your website. I usually would be a little skeptical about such up time, but they are offering you no question asked refund if you suffer from any down time. The biggest disadvantage is Thinkhost is its price, it is quite more EXPENSIVE than other shared hosting companies. I have personally contacted them to get discounted price, and their customer service offers special discount for our website visitors from exclusive link. Furthermore, they offer a coupon that can be combined with the discounted offer. Here is how you can get ThinkHost for $5 per month if you PREPAY FOR ENTIRE YEAR.

  1. Go to: : this link offers $80 per year rather than regular price of $180
  2. Enter coupon code maple_49904a0e73709 that will offer extra $20 discount. You will end up paying $60 for entire year.
  3. Fill Your personal information

Honestly, if you are concerned about environment and looking for host, ThinkHost is a solid choice. However, if you are concerned more about money, you can check our review about Fatcow which offers very affordable hosting with a free for life domain (around $44 per year for hosting & domain).

Last but not least, ThinkHost supports well many web frameworks that other shared webhosting companies do not support like Ruby on Rails, Microsoft FrontPage, etc. If you are quite advanced webmaster, you may find yourself along the road in need to these technologies and switching hosts will be very time consuming.

Fatcow Review & Coupon

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 8:15
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Fatcow is one of the most reputable and affordable shared web hosting companies. Our editorial team classified Fatcow as one of the top 3 shared hosting companies. In this post, we will tell you how to get 40% discount for Fatcow yearly plan. Before going into the details of getting this discount, we would like to tell you why fatcow is an excellent choice.

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FatCow Main Features (Our offer)

Finally, we do not recommend using Fatcow or any shared web hosting if you have extremely high traffic website. If you have such website, you should get your own dedicated server which usually costs over $160 per month. If you have website with 1 million unique visitors per month or less, Fatcow is an excellent choice.

Dreamhost coupon

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 22:52
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Promo code GLENDALE gives you 97$ instant discount, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, you can host unlimited domains, and you get one free domain registration (around 110$ discount per year)! Yes, for less than 1.8$ per month you will have web hosting with unlimited space, storage, domains. Not only that, you have very professional web 2.0 totally free control panel that allows you to install all open source products like wordpress with a single click. Just use MIAMI in the Dreamhost promotional box. Again, what you will get:

  1. Unlimited disk space on Dreamhost high speed servers!
  2. Unlimited bandwidth, even if you show up on digg, you will not pay extra dime!
  3. Unlimited mysql databases.
  4. One click installer for wordpress, wiki, many shopping carts, wiki, etc.
  5. Totally free one domain registration with free private registration ($10 value).
  6. Unlimited number of domains can be hosted
  7. PHP 4, PHP 5, Ruby on rails , FastCGI, and more.
  8. cool web 2.0 web control panel.
  9. Choosing yearly plan for maximum discount, You will pay 22$ only (1.8$ monthly)
  10. For month to month lovers, you will pay no setup fee and get free domain. It is like paying nothing. but we recommend yearly plans since it is 20$
  11. Yes, you heard it corerectly, 22$ per year including free domain registration with MIAMI Promo code.
  12. Dude, if you are not happy, you have over 100 days to get your money back. Do not loose this deal, it will last for another 1 or 2 weeks, and THATS ONLY WHEN YOU USE MIAMI

How to use it: 1) Go to 2) Choose for how long you need your hosting (1 month, 1 year, 2 years or whatever). 3) Fill your information 4) Enter the promo code: GLENDALE What we want to get: a thank you review on your website on a thank you comment! I just felt that may help people to get near free hosting, so I decided to communicate with Dreamhost in person and get this great coupon code for everyone, and I know my blog readers will appreciate it. Thanks