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Friday, June 26, 2009 10:46
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How to Get Biggest Discount on IX Webhosting?

  • Click Here
  • Scroll down to the footer, and click on the “(SECRET LINK)” which gives you 20% discount!
  • Click on Sign up
  • Choose your plan: We recommend using the “expert plan” as it is the cheapest and there is not much difference from other plans
  • Fill your personal information & place your order

This image represents what you should see after you sign up using the “(SECRET LINK)” that they have on their footer; it is funny to receive 20% discount from it. Here is the image:

IX Webhosting Plans

IXWebhosting offers three main plans, they are:

  1. Expert Plan (We recommend it)
  2. Business Plus Plan
  3. Unlimited Pro Plan

These plans differ from each other from three aspects:

  1. Number of Free Domain Names Given
  2. Number of Free Dedicated IP Addresses

This table gives you clear idea about the differences

Free Domains Free IPs Annual Cycle Price
Expert Plan 1 1 $4.95
Business Plus Plan 2 3 $8.95
Unlimited Pro Plan 3 15 $8.95

Let us be honest, why do we need the Free dedicated IP addresses? Yes, some people need it for shady SEO purposes. But for most people, it is not worth paying the extra monthly $4. Free domain is cool idea. But hey, the price difference between the two plans (12*4=$48) allow to register 5 domains rather than 3 :) . As such, we think the expert plan is more than adequate for everyone

IXwebhosting Summary: Cons & Pros


  • To get better deal you need VERY long subscription (24 months!)
  • Free Domain for First Year only (some other hosts offer domains for free forever like FatCow


  • Quite Affordable Rate
  • You can use the secret link on the footer of this page Click Here to get 20% discount
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