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Sunday, June 28, 2009 6:54
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Steps to Sign up With PowWeb:

  • Check their offer page
  • Click on “Sign Up” button.
  • Register a new domain: it is free for new customers, so get one.
  • Enter Personal & Payment Information
  • Choose a plan. Yearly prepay plan costs $58, and the Bi-yearly costs $93 ($23 savings). You can go for bi-yearly, and if you do not like their service, you can request refund. They have been around for long time, and we consider them one of the top 10 reliable hosting companies.
  • Uncheck Domain Privacy: most people do not need it, why to pay $8.99 for it if you do not need it?

PowWeb Plans

PoweWeb has one single plan. Pretty much similar to all other top hosting companies. They offer you unlimited disk, bandwidth and hosted domains. The only disadvantage we see that they do not support Ruby on Rails web framework. It is quite not popular framework and most people do not know what it is. But in case you are considering using Rails, you possibly should check our review about HostGator and consider using them as they have solid Rails Support.

PowWeb Coupon Code?

PowWeb does NOT have coupon codes, nor offer discounts other than what is available on this offer page.

PowWeb Cons and Pros


  • You have to prepay for entire year or two years to get best deal


  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Reputable & Reliable
  • Quite affordable
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